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Wills & Estates

Click here to see Paul Brennan on the Kerri-Anne Kennerly on Channel 9's "The Morning Show" talking about the problems facing the baby boomers with regard to estates and wills.

Click here to see Paul Brennan on Channel Seven's "Sunrise" breakfast show talking about will disputes.

Brennans solicitors deal with :

Click here for Paul Brennan's new book Hang on to it girl - the Wily Woman's Guide to Wills

Estate law

wills, enduring powers of attorney, succession planning, estates. 

Estate Litigation

  • Advising on challenges to wills and intestacy law.
  • Estate disputes.
  • Family Provision Applications.
  • Contesting wills.

Estate Administration

  • Obtaining Probate and property transmission applications.
  • Assisting and acting for trustees and/or executors.

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If you are considering making or reviewing your will, here are some matters to consider:


The object of making a will is to avoid a dispute over your estate. In the past most wills were left unchallenged as there was not much money at stake. This is no longer the case; not only is there more money around but people have more interesting lives. 

First, speak to a lawyer to discuss your own position. This can be a quick and simple discussion. In other cases, especially those involving second families and/or adult children with difficulties themselves, it is not so simple and you may need to take some difficult decisions. Drawing up the will is often the easy part.

Who will make decisions?

During your discussion it may become clear that you need someone who can take decisions when you are gone.  It is the type of duty carried out by a wise uncle or family friend but sometimes you feel that circumstances are such that you do not wish to place this responsibility on their shoulders.  In these cases a lawyer from this firm can act as an executor/trustee, depending on the circumstances.  Remember the objective is to avoid dispute and court proceedings.


Families often do not agree. Now that there is more money at stake you can end up in court very easily. You should speak with a lawyer before any negotiation or discussion if you think there is going to be trouble.

This month Paul Brennan was interviewed about Wills by broadcaster, journalist, author (The Incumbent) and humorist Phil Dobbie for a program which goes out on the CBS network.